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Marcella "Marcy" Dalsey

"How can we help more people?"

October 13, 1954 – May 31, 2014

In Loving Memory of Marcy Dalsey, Soulmate, Mother and Friend. Thank you for teaching us that life is precious and that we should work every day to make a difference in our world. We miss you immensely – Love Joe, Chelsea, Grace, Johnny and Bobby.

The Foundation celebrates the life of Marcy Dalsey, past Executive Director of the Drew A. Katz Foundation.

During a weekend trip to Massachusetts on May 31, 2014, a private jet that was carrying Marcy along with Lewis Katz and 5 others crashed as it made its way back home to Atlantic City.

Marcy’s “enthusiasm, her guiding force, her tornado-like energy was so infectious, she was unflappable” shared Drew Katz, Founder and CEO of The Rachel & Drew Katz Foundation. Marcy was defined by her desire to help others. Her mantra was, “How can we help more people?” She taught us that philanthropy is not an individual pursuit, but rather a fluid, interactive and engaging process that is rewarding to all parties involved.

Marcy was the Executive Director of The Drew A. Katz Foundation and the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Interstate Outdoor Advertising. In March, 2011 she and co-founder, Lewis Katz, were awarded a Charter by the NJ Department of Education to open KATZ (Knowledge A To Z) Academy Charter School at the Parkside Boys and Girls Club facility in September 2012. In Marcy’s most cherished role as President of the KATZ Academy Charter School in Camden she was instrumental in leading the Board of Trustees. She was the tireless energy, vision and effort behind the founding and running of the school.

In addition to her extensive professional and philanthropic career, Marcy had a deep passion for music, dance, theater and art. She was a lifelong performer, from dancing at The Steel Pier as a child, to being a member of the squad that cheered on the Philadelphia Eagles at the 1981 Super Bowl in New Orleans, to participating with her children in over a dozen performances at Haddonfield Plays & Players, she was proud to share her talents with the world.

Here is a clip of our cherished Marcy, starring in Pippin …

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